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Professional Organizing Services:

People today are buried in endless unanswered emails. They are overcommitted by unrealistic demands of others and themselves. They are overwhelmed by projects, competing deadlines, to-dos, meetings, and myriads of other business and personal tasks. Many are stressed because they are ‘on’ all the time (24/7). They are drowning in mental, paper, and digital clutter.

Do you ever feel like you are racing against the clock? Have you felt you achieved very little even though you checked things off your list? What if you worked with intention and placed more mindfulness into your daily living—your activities aligned with your goals and priorities? What if you could find what you need when you need it—everything at your fingertips?

Whether you need a total organizing makeover or need help to keep on track, our “GO” Get Organized services are designed to help you work with intention, achieve your goals, and enjoy your life!

Our “GO” Services

“GO” Design Your Own Reality (total organizing makeover for your business and life)

“GO” Declutter (business or home office declutters to help you simplify and get organized)

“GO” Training Sessions (organization, prioritization, e-mail and time management, etc.)

“GO” Power Sessions (for your continued maintenance, organization and accountability)

“GO” Workshops – Public

“GO” Workshops – Company

“GO” Speaking Engagements

To schedule a complimentary assessment to determine what service is best suited for you, call Angela Fredrich at 561.635.4155

Our Clients
Our clients are achievement-oriented and passionate individuals including and not limited to: Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Attorneys, Medical Practitioners, Executives, General Contractors, Project Managers, Property Managers, Realtors, etc.

We Organize, We Train, We Coach…
We organize with you based on your goals, personality, natural organizing ability, and psychological needs.
We teach organizing skills to help you take control of your paper piles, computer files, things, information, space, and time.
We coach to help you stay accountable to keep organized and take action to achieve your goals.

Contact ProActU at 561-635-4155 to learn how we can help you simplify your life, keep organized, achieve your goals, and be your personal best.

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